Finally, a book about The Peanuts Gang!

The Peanuts Gang: Going on a Hike, available now!

Yes, I sacrifice much for you, my dear AAUGH Blog readers! I actually ordered myself a copy of the book on this bold new Peanuts Gang, finally finding a replacement for those characters from the last century! No more Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty. Now, The Peanuts Gang (and it’s italicized, always italicized) is twin sisters Fiona and Maggie and their cousin Beanie. They go on a little journey, and each takes a special object – a magic wand, a sword, a lightsaber, and their journey gives them an opportunity to use it. Who needs a World War I Flying Ace when they have that?

Look, I’m not really going to review some former schoolteacher’s self-published labor of love. I hope it finds enough of a home to make author Rosemary Inguagiato happy. But if any one of you is thinking about self-publishing a title, well, more power to you… but ask someone, almost anyone, whether they’ve heard of the title first. Or try the Google; I hear it’s popular.

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