Peanuts out of the insurance business

Several people have contacted me to make sure I know about the announcement that MetLife is dropping their Peanuts license. There were signs that this was coming, and if it’s news it’s only because that license has lasted a ridiculously long time as licenses go. It produced some interesting commercials, and it also produced some odd things, like the political use seen below. While I feel for anyone impacted by the loss of income (after three decades of what I can only assume were substantial payments), this may also free Peanuts up for something else big. Or for nothing… I would have no problem with Peanuts being more about a great work and less about selling product. But still, I’ll miss occasionally having a Snoopy-named-and-decorated blimp sometimes parked overnight in my town.

Peanuts Free Trade ad closeup

Peanuts back in space!

The Peanuts folks have put out a press release announcing a new effort with NASA, the National Air and Space Administration, about their plans to generate new educational content and a school curriculum for teaching about deep space exploration. They say that more details will be released at Comic-Con next week. This …

Schulz/Peanuts news
Guess who just bought a big chunk of Peanuts??

The Hollywood Reporter is Hollywood reporting that entertainment giant Sony just bought 39% of the holding company that exists to hold the rights to Peanuts. They bought just short of half of the share that DHX Media bought a year ago. This means that the ownership breaks down like this: …

Schulz/Peanuts news
Peanuts Global Artist Collective

Now this is cool! The Peanutsy folks have announced the Peanuts Global Artist Collective, an international public art effort were seven selected artists/teams are doing public art using the Peanuts characters. They’re permitted to do their own interpretation of the characters, or to use Schulz art, or to mix things together …