Peanuts out of the insurance business

Several people have contacted me to make sure I know about the announcement that MetLife is dropping their Peanuts license. There were signs that this was coming, and if it’s news it’s only because that license has lasted a ridiculously long time as licenses go. It produced some interesting commercials, and it also produced some odd things, like the political use seen below. While I feel for anyone impacted by the loss of income (after three decades of what I can only assume were substantial payments), this may also free Peanuts up for something else big. Or for nothing… I would have no problem with Peanuts being more about a great work and less about selling product. But still, I’ll miss occasionally having a Snoopy-named-and-decorated blimp sometimes parked overnight in my town.

Peanuts Free Trade ad closeup

Animated Peanuts
A Charlie BANNED Christmas

Following up on yesterday’s post about how Texas prisons have banned The Peanuts Collection, I should note that that’s not the only Peanuts book they’ve banned. They’ve also banned the book adaptation of A Charlie Brown Christmas… and since they are, presumably, wise followers of this blog (all the best people …

Nat news
Peanuts – BANNED!

Friend of the blog Jeff alerted us to the fact that the Dallas Morning News has reported a list of books banned in the Texas prison system, and on that list is none other than The Peanuts Collection, the book on Peanuts history written by none other than the AAUGH Blogger …

AAUGHtober announcement: The AAUGH Blog Podcast

Remember earlier in the month when I promised you some big AAUGHtober announcement? Well here it is: I have just launched The AAUGH Blog Podcast, a weekly transmission of comment and insight on Peanutsy things from your humble AAUGH Blogger. I’m describing it as “news, muse, and interviews”, although my …