The author is always the last to know

Los-tesoros-de-SnoopyI was searching the web for reviews of my book The Snoopy Treasures to add to my list of reviews when I stumbled across one from La Casa de El which gave me a key piece of information that I did not already have: there’s a Spanish edition of the book! Los Tesoros de Snoopy is published by Spain’s Planeta Cómic, who publish Spanish editions of such popular American comics as Conan, Star Wars, and Usagi Yojimbo. This edition has all the pictures and special features of the English language editions, unless you consider Englishness a special feature.

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The AAUGH Blogger in Camarillo

I’ll be appearing this Sunday, November 12, at the Local Authors Fair being hosted in the lovely Camarillo Library in Camarillo, California, from 11-3! Stop on by – I’ll have some of my award-winning Peanuts work with me, as well as some of my original comics and prose fiction work. …

AAUGHtober announcement: The AAUGH Blog Podcast

Remember earlier in the month when I promised you some big AAUGHtober announcement? Well here it is: I have just launched The AAUGH Blog Podcast, a weekly transmission of comment and insight on Peanutsy things from your humble AAUGH Blogger. I’m describing it as “news, muse, and interviews”, although my …

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Golf Gags – Schulz and otherwise

Warning: this post is a bit promotional. With my publisher hat on, I just put out a new book, Great Golf Gags by Classic Cartoonists, which features golf cartoons by six respected 20th century cartoonists. Does this include Schulz? You betcha! A nice big helping of Schulz. Having said that, if …