I’m a little surprised I’m not seeing more Peanuts stuff in the Black Friday selections (I wouldn’t expect The Movie stuff there yet, it’s too new, but I thought pre-movie licensees might exploit the day). The one thing I do find is that the folks offering those customized Peanuts books are offering them (and all their other books) at 40% off… which makes them a couple bucks cheaper than they were during the $10 off sale earlier in the week. When I ordered mine. Ohhh, I am driving my family to poverty one Peanuts book at a time! (Not really, don’t worry, the wolf is nowhere near the door.)

Two things I find, having gone through the process on these:

  • Even though the non-customized versions of these books are board books, these customized versions are probably not. I should’ve realized that right off.
  • If you want to see what the books are like, you don’t actually have to buy one. Simply starting the process, choosing to “build” your book, will let you see a preview of what all the pages will look like, before you commit any money.

I should have copies for review next week.