Snoopy, Hollywood Star

Well, I’m back from the dedication of Snoopy’s new star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – he’s got a spot on the sidewalk about a block down from the famous Chinese Theater, and right by Schulz’s star (which is the only one I’d ever gone to the dedication of before.) There was quite a few people there to represent Snoopy – Schulz’s widow and all of his kids and some of his grandkids (and what looked like it might be a great grand-kid), filmmakers including producer Paul Feig (ah, to breathe the same air as the creator of both Freaks and Geeks!), lots of Fox execs, most of the voice cast of the movie, Paige Braddock of Creative Associates, and, of course, Snoopy himself. I’d be posting photos, but I can’t find the cable for my camera, and besides, most of what I got were high-resolution shots of the back of people’s heads. (At these events, even if you show up early, unless you’re part of group of invited luminaries or the press, you end up behind dividers, and it makes it hard to see what’s going on. That’s one reason why I’ve only been to two of these, the other being Schulz’s own dedication many years ago.) Speeches were given on the greatness of Snoopy by the representative from the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce (who are in charge of the stars; he mentioned that Snoopy is just the fourth dog to get a star, and while the audience could guess Lassie and Rin Tin Tin, none of us was able to come up with the fourth: Strongheart) and by Feig and Schulz’s son Craig Schulz.

I got to talk to a few interesting people, including Schulz relatives whom I’d never met before (oddly, I didn’t get to talk to most of the one’s I’ve met!), and to a guy who felt he had to be there because his middle name was Joseph, and his last name was Cool. (His dad won a bet that he wouldn’t name his kid Joe Cool.) And the interviewers who were talking to fans in line kept coming to me… presumably because, while many fans were wearing trucker hats with the Charlie Brown zig-zag on them, I was the only guy wearing Snoopy’s head for a hat. I wish I could tell you where see/hear these interviews… but being that one was for Germany and the others for Asia, I probably will never know.

Anyway, here’s the official video! (The actual even starts about 21 minutes in.)


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