The Brown car

Charlie Brown's Ford LTDSometimes, to get some Peanuts information, one has to reach beyond the Peanuts sources. For example, the other day while researching something else altogether, I came upon a Ford muscle car forum where a few years ago, Ford enthusiasts were discussing a Sunday strip that had just rerun. That strip, which had originally run on February 7th, 1965, showed pieces of the Brown’s car in two panels, but that was enough for one forum member to identify it as a 1965 Ford LTD hardtop 4-door. Once that’s been stated, the identification looks easy – there’s that logo on the rear panel in the first shot, the¬†particular trim around the rear edge of the window in the second, among other smaller touches, but it wasn’t something that I ever thought to look at. It’s interesting that just as Charlie Brown had finished up his years of work promoting the smaller Ford Falcon, his family takes on the new, full-size model (this was the first model year for the LTD, then part of the Galaxie line.)

And that’s today’s bit of Pointless Peanuts Trivia! You’re welcome!

It’s Only a Game comes to Minneapolis

While Schulz’s collaborator on It’s Only a Game, Jim Sasseville, would say that the strip was in the same number of papers at the end as when it launched, that doesn’t mean that no papers added it along the way. Here, for example, is the announcement of the feature’s debut …

Illegally fast visit to the Schulz Museum

Automobile Magazine offers up a combination auto review/trip-to-Santa-Rosa travelogue

New releases
Lucy, the book

Catching up on recent purchases, we have¬†Lucy, a hardcover collection of Lucy-centric stories from the Boom! comic books – so if you have all the comic books, or all the trade paperback collections thereof, then you have all this stuff. But it is a collection with a lot of good …