Happy Franklin Day

Today is the 47th anniversary of the first appearance of Franklin in Peanuts, and they’re making a big thing of it! You can see coverage of National Franklin Day in newspapers, it was the reason for yesterday’s material on The View. Harriet Glickman, the woman who suggested the addition of the African-American character to the Peanuts cast, did a bunch of interviews during her NAACP honoring in Philly, and is doing more today.

(Why is a big deal being made on the 47th anniversary? Because movie, that’s why. But it’s a good thing, so hey!)

It may not seem like such a big thing today, but at the time, crossing the race line in a popular mainstream newspaper strip was a strong step.

Anyway, I took my post popular Franklin-oriented post, and turned it into a sharable image:


I’m also adding Franklin tag to the blog, so you can quickly find our most Franklinicious entries!


Nationally recognized documentary on Franklin

Okay, it’s a middle school documentary, but the fact that a documentary about Harriet Glickman and her efforts to get Peanuts to add a Black character got some recognition makes me happy. And it would’ve made Harriet happy, if she was still around. Which is just another reason for me …

Harriet Glickman, 1926-2020

Harriet Glickman, the woman who had suggested to Charles Schulz that he add an African-American character to the strip and thus inspired the creation of Franklin, passed away this morning. Her death was peaceful, in her sleep, and she had been well prepared for this. I got to know Harriet …

It’s Hockey Time, Franklin!

It’s Hockey Time, Franklin! is yet another kids picture book with a story that borrows bits from strip continuities but builds its own stories. In this tale, Peppermint Patty is trying to use the pond to practice her figure skating when a gang of bullies tries to take over the …