Have you seen this book?

ZippercoverSomeone let me know that they had found a copy of The Zipper on My Bible is Stuck at a Barnes & Noble… which is very odd. Because I published that book, and we never sold any copies to B&N, nor any other book source. It was available to/through some of them, but all the ones we actually sold were sold by me at Beaglefest and other conventions, and really, there were only a couple dozen of copies made. So if any of you have seen non-used copies for sale elsewhere, I’d be very interested in knowing; please email me at questions-at-aaugh.com. (And if anyone’s wondering why I’d bother to publish a book just to sell a couple dozen copies: when I was publishing Schulz’s Youth, the collection of cartoons Schulz had done for the Church Of God, I also licensed the rights to sublicense collections of the cartoon. My hope was to find a publisher that was already involved in the Christian specialty market who might want a series of smaller books, more in the Happiness is a Warm Puppy format, breaking the strips into themed groupings. I created two sample books: a square version of this gaudily-colored book, and the black-and-white God’s Children, which focused on younger kids. When I wasn’t able to find a publisher for them, I figured I’d take the work that I’d done and make them available via print-on-demand, just so it didn’t go to waste. I had to change the size of the books in order to match the print-on-demand system I’d be using, making God’s Children a larger square book, and making this one non-square. The cover worked better as a square, but I’m still kinda proud of the design.)

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Lucy, the book

Catching up on recent purchases, we have Lucy, a hardcover collection of Lucy-centric stories from the Boom! comic books – so if you have all the comic books, or all the trade paperback collections thereof, then you have all this stuff. But it is a collection with a lot of good …

A Charlie Brown Christmystery

AAUGH Blog reader Natalie contacted me the other day, because she had a question about book adaptations of A Charlie Brown Christmas, and for obvious reasons, I was on the top 12 people on her list to answer it. (And besides, really, the question was to some extend about my guide …