Snoopy Treasures redesigned again!

Amazon now has the third cover it’s displayed for my book The Snoopy Treasures, being released in November:

SnoopyTreasuresCover3It’s only a slight reworking from the second cover:

SnoopyTreasuresCover2Which was itself more of a variation from the first:




New releases
Lucy, the book

Catching up on recent purchases, we have Lucy, a hardcover collection of Lucy-centric stories from the Boom! comic books – so if you have all the comic books, or all the trade paperback collections thereof, then you have all this stuff. But it is a collection with a lot of good …

A Charlie Brown Christmystery

AAUGH Blog reader Natalie contacted me the other day, because she had a question about book adaptations of A Charlie Brown Christmas, and for obvious reasons, I was on the top 12 people on her list to answer it. (And besides, really, the question was to some extend about my guide …