Let’s Dance, Snoopy now shipping

The strip collection Let’s Dance, Snoopy is now shipping. I should have my copy in my hands within a couple days, and then I’ll be able to tell whether it is still promoted as a 65th Anniversary book or not (the early title listings said so, but the samples currently showing on Amazon show no sign of it.)

Now shipping
Scent of a dog

Alert AAUGH Blog reader Scott pointed me toward some books I’d missed… understandably, because they appear to have been exclusive to Nordstrom, which ain’t exactly my usual haunt. It’s two volumes of what they offered as a Peanuts Perform Book, volumes 1 and 2 of Peanuts: You Are a Very …

New releases
Review: Charlie Brown – All Tied Up

Andrews McMeel has released their thirteenth and latest book in the Peanuts for Kids/AMP! Comics for Kids series (although now neither of those brands appear on the book.) Charlie Brown: All Tied Up is a collection of early-1980s Peanuts strips. It has all of the features that make this series a …

Now shipping
Psychiatric booth of the Mad

Mad Magazine has long made use of Peanuts parodies, and is not stopping now. Joaquin Phoenix delivers an Oscar-worthy performance in MAD #10’s Joker Funnies. On sale 10/8! pic.twitter.com/yafzruZAlF — MAD Magazine (@MADmagazine) October 3, 2019