Far better than those cuddleproofed Snoopys

New releases

I like to believe I’m great at catching Peanuts-related books that go through normal book distribution channels, and pretty good at spotting ones that go outside of those channels… but sometimes, one eludes me. That’s the case with the book Best Friends. No, no, not the book Best Friends that came bundled with a Wendy’s Kid’s Meal. And no, not the book Snoopy & Woodstock: Best Friends that came bundled with two little rubbery figures of the characters. No, this is the book that comes bundled with a Snoopy. Specifically, the set is described on the box as “Play-a-Sound book and cuddly Snoopy”.


The book is one of those storybooks where in places, they put a little picture to tell you what button to push. It’s a simple one of those, only three buttons, saying “good grief”, a kissy noise, and bird chatter when you press them. I’m not actually going to review the book, because I am not that fascinated and thus would prefer to leave it in the box; the way it is packaged, it seems unlikely that i would be able to return it to its original position if I took it out.

I ordered my copy from Snoopy’s Gallery and Gift Shop (that’s the one in Santa Rosa by the Schulzes’ skating rink.) Toys R Us apparently has had it in some stores, but does not have it near me at this point. This place seems to have a pretty good deal on it for those in Canada.

New releases
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New releases
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