Things I didn’t know I owned

I know what this is, the first recorded audio material in Peanuts history. But I didn’t think I owned a copy. I haven’t gone through my record collection in a long time… but as I’m certain that I’ve never listened to it. I must’ve gotten it sometime after my last record player died, but before I became a Serious Peanuts Collector And Chronicler.


Chartin’ Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown is high on the Billboard charts this week. No, I’m not kidding. And really, it’s no surprise that Vince Guaraldi’s soundtrack to A Charlie Brown Christmas pops up regularly on Billboard’s top 200 albums at this time of year. At the moment, it’s at #84. The highest it’s ever …

Greatest hits
Tell me what love is, Chuck

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Nice round Charlie Brown sounds for Christmas

If you’re worrying about the kids being unable to sleep on Christmas Eve, perhaps the new CD Lullaby Renditions of A Charlie Brown Christmas from Baby Rockstar is the thing that you need. Head on over and check out the samples. And if you’re planning a Christmas gift for an audiophile, how about …