Peanuts comic book issue 6

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Usually, the Peanuts preview has a portion of a story… but instead you get a whole short tale here! You can buy the full issue in your favorite comic book store starting tomorrow. (Click on each page to enlarge.)

By the way, that story is penciled by the talented Vicki Scott… who I just learned is drawing a story from one of my scripts for issue 8, which makes two of my stories that’ll be in that issue. Corrected later: not sure what I was thinking; I have one story in issue 7, but as of now I only know of one story that will end up in issue 8. More stories are on their way, but I’m not sure in which issue.








Upcoming releases
Lucy Speaks Out

So in March, the month after the Lucy volume of the character-themed comic book story collections, comes Lucy Speaks Out, the twelfth of the full-color strip collections aimed at the younger set. (Hoewver, bremember that these books aren’t actually character-themed, despite their use of character names n the title.) Share this:

Upcoming releases
Dell Peanuts page count

We now have an announced page count for the Peanuts Dell Archive collection of comic books stories originally published in the 1950s and 1960s by Dell Publishing – the listing now has it at 352 pages. That’s a nice thick book… but it’s only about half as many pages as …

Upcoming releases
Be a Good Sport, Charlie Brown!

Coming in January (and available for preorder now) is Be a Good Sport, Charlie Brown!, which looks to be a kids book writ by Jason Cooper and drawn by Vicki Scott. Share this: