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As some of you may remember, last year I put together Bridge Mix, a selection of Schulz & Sasseville’s “It’s Only a Game” cartoons aimed at people who play bridge. It hasn’t sold a ton of copies, but enough that it was worth my time putting it together. And never one to fail to chase after a semi-success (and thus turn said semi-success into a net failure), I’m following it up with a book of bowling cartoons, mostly taken from “It’s Only a Game”, but also with some Young Pillars pieces mixed in.

The thing is, my sales brain desperately wants to call this new book Pin Nuts, and that may actually not be a good idea (at least if I want to stay on the good side of my pals at Creative Associates and Peanuts Worldwide!) So I need another, better title. Email your title suggestions to questions@aaugh.com … if I use your title for the book, or (in the case of my not using any of the suggested titles) if I decide yours is my favorite suggestion, you will win a free copy of the book. (That will be the sole remuneration for the right to use this title in selling and promoting this book. In the event of two people submitting the same title, the book goes to the first received. The challenge ends whenever I decide it ends.  In the event of pancakes, I want syrup.)

Upcoming releases
Peanuts Papers publishing plans, picture, preorders

You can finally preorder The Peanuts Papers: Charlie Brown, Snoopy & the Gang, and the Meaning of Life, the book of essays by some real heavy-hitter literary types, including two major Jonathans (Lethem of Motherless Brooklyn and The Fortress of Solitude fame and Franzen of The Correctionsand Freedom), critic of music and ethics Chuck Klosterman, The Ice …

Upcoming releases
Another Peanuts cookbook coming!

Heading our way in October is the Peanuts Holiday Cookbook, a cookbook of holiday foods featuring the Peanuts character. (Hey, does it sometimes seem like I’m getting paid by the word for writing this, like I’ll say a title and then repeat the information that is clearly in that title, …

Upcoming releases
Coming covers.

We’ve got covers for some of the upcoming releases! The cover for the kid-targeted strip collection Charlie Brown: All Tied Up really helps straighten up the confusion between being tied down and being tied up. This is clearly up. Christmas is Here! is a children’s storybook that’s intended to help …