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December 25: The Joy of a Peanuts Christmas

My choice of what the finest non-adaptation-of-A-Charlie-Brown-Christmas Peanuts Christmas book wasn’t a struggle. The Joy of a Peanuts Christmas is quite simply a lovely book of the core of Peanuts. It’s a strip collection, collecting Christmas-themed strips. Now, that would describe a lot of the books on this list, but this one covers the entire run of the strip. It doesn’t try to cram in every single Christmas strip, but has a lot of good examples from every era, so it works as a book of Peanuts history without bogging down anyone who just wants to read the funny. And the design work is lovely; it’s simple, clean, with everything placed just right without getting in the way of the strips. (If you go to the Amazon listing on this book, don’t fall for the picture of the book they have there – it’s a different book called A Peanuts Christmas, also a strip collection but much lesser in impact.)

Plus, this book was a Christmas present of a sort. Published by Hallmark, they were giving this book away free with the purchase of just three greeting cards. With careful purchase, you could have the book for three bucks and have three of their lowest-end cards along with it. A bargain.

A lovely book full of the finest Peanuts Christmas strips; what could be better?

Have a joyous one, one and all!

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The Advent Calendar, 1 day to go

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The Advent Calendar, 2 days to go

Some books are great, but some books are more than a book, and such is the case with A Very Peanuts Christmas – it’s a book, but it’s also a pillow! More of a decorative throw item than something you’re going to use to sleep on, but it is nice …

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The Advent Calendar, 3 days to go

Attempts to merge Schulz drawings with other styles of art are often just visually annoying, but not invariably so. Case in point: Yes, Santa, there is a Charlie Brown, a book from 1971 that Halmark has issued as a small hardcover and, later, as an even smaller hardcover, as you …