Schulz uncovered

For those of you who want every bit of Schulz (in more ways than one), coming this October from Fantagraphics is Naked Cartoonists, a collection of undraped self-portraiture by some of the most recognizable names in the comics biz. Sparky is in there, as are other such hotties as Lynn Johnston, Jules Feiffer, Sergio Aragones, Bil Keane, Al Jaffee, Scott Adams, Morrie Turner, and Will Eisner.

You can, of course, preorder it through Amazon (and I’ll get my nice little kickback for that), but if you either want to find out more or you just want to see the Schulz piece, go here and watch the video at the bottom; it shows Schulz’s drawing, among others.

Upcoming releases
The new Only Necessary cover

AAUGH Blog reader Asher kindly pointed out that I had messed up including a link to my review of the previous edition of the Chip Kidd book Only What’s Necessary, so I’ve fixed that post, and here’s the link again! Meanwhile, we now have a front cover image for the …

Upcoming releases
Not just a Peanuts book, THE Peanuts Book

Coming out this fall for the 70th anniversary of Peanuts is a 200 page hardcover that is titled simply The Peanuts Book. (There is a chance that I will have a very minor involvement in this book, so out of caution, I’m raising the ethics flag and just running the …

Upcoming releases
Be Thankful, Be Giving

Be Thankful, Be Giving is a new Peanutsboard book coming out this September, just in time to buy it for kids for a… Thanksgiving gift? Is Thanksgifting really a thing?? Art by Scott Jeralds.