Peanuts booth will have Comic-Con exclusives

It turns out they were just later in announcing the exclusive Peanuts items to be available at Comic-Con than most of the other booth’s items.

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The coolest thing, INGHO (In Nat Gertler’s Humble Opinion), is the women’s tee-shirts featuring Lucy Van Pelt in her cool spaceman spiffy pajamas, from an early strip. I suspect this one will be snatched up by folks beyond the Peanuts hardcore, because it shows a raygun-wielding gal back before folks like Leia Organa, Ellen Ripley, and Zoe Washburne made raygun-wielding gals cool. (No complaints from you Dejah Thoris fans out there, please!) Men and kids get Astronaut Snoopy shirts.

A $25 blue Snoopy banner for the “2012 Summer Games” ties into the free buttons that will be given out each day – Wednesday is Snoopy weightlifting; Thursday is Woodstock bicycling; Friday (the day I’ll be on the floor) will be Molly Volley, doing what she she does best (complaining); Saturday is Sally with a volleyball, and on Sunday, Linus tries his hands at archery.

Also available are Snoopy Comic-Con 2012 lanyards in varying colors.

Further information is available here.

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