Peanuts at Comic-Con

The annual Comic-Con in San Diego is a mere week away, and if you’re there, then there is some Peanuts stuff to look for. In particular, you can grab the comic book pictured here, which is an early copy of the upcoming issue 1 of volume 2 of the Peanuts comic book. It’s a cool idea, showing various Peanuts characters dressed up as their favorite Snoopy alter ego. You’ll find this at the Boom! Studios booth, where one copy of this limited edition of 500 will set you back ten bucks.

There will be a Peanuts booth again; look for it at 1637/1736. (Here’s a tip for those of you who get lost wandering the aisles: look up. There’s a banner over each aisle telling you what range it is.) There hasn’t been any exclusive products announced this year for the Peanuts booth; I don’t know whether they’re foregoing things, or have just not yet announced.

The one Peanuts-specific panel will be on the comic book, is scheduled for Friday, 3:00 to 4:00. Creative folk Paige Braddock , Alexis E. Fajardo, Shane Houghton, Vicki Scott), Adam Staffaroni, Justin Thompson, and Matt Whitlock will be speaking.

I’ll be attending the show this year, but just for a day. Much as I’ll miss the whole social thing, hotel cost at the con has gotten ridiculous. And if you’re thinking of going… you’re too late. Badges have been sold out for months. (Don’t fall for any online badge scams; badges are non-transferable.)

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