a more colorful Christmas Stocking

Upcoming releases

I probably mentioned here that the upcoming Charlie Brown’s Christmas Stocking book would be printed in two-color format… even showed some of you some of the art like that.

While two-color would’ve been a step up for the material (both stories had been printed simply with black ink originally, albeit on colored paper), Fantagraphics saw the book in progress and decided to back it with a richer, more expensive color process. We’re still ironing out the details of how it will look, but it won’t be like the samples which you saw.

Art copyright Peanuts Worldwide.

Upcoming releases
The new Only Necessary cover

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Upcoming releases
Not just a Peanuts book, THE Peanuts Book

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Upcoming releases
Be Thankful, Be Giving

Be Thankful, Be Giving is a new Peanutsboard book coming out this September, just in time to buy it for kids for a… Thanksgiving gift? Is Thanksgifting really a thing?? Art by Scott Jeralds.