What I’ll be selling at Beaglefest

The Peanuts Collectors Club gathering Beaglefest is a week-and-a-half away now. I’ll be there on Saturday, giving a talk and then selling books in the sales area.

What will I be selling?

  • The Peanuts Collection – I’ll have about 10 copies of this.
  • Schulz’s Youth – twenty-some copies of this… in hardcover, on sale for the paperback price.
  • It’s Only a Game – about 10 copies.
  • Bridge Mix – the collection of just the bridge strips from “It’s Only a Game”, 10 copies
  • a handful of trade paperbacks of The Factor and The Licensable BearTM Big Book of Officially Licensed Fun, in case anyone’s curious about my own work.
  • Advanced copies of two upcoming Schulz books — nothing too exciting, but probably a few of you will be interested. I’ll talk about them later in the week. Ten copies each.

And I’ll probably scare up a few stray oddities for the hardcore – maybe some Italian editions of Schulz’s Youth and It’s Only a Game, or the (now outdated) calendar of material from those books. (And where is that danged pile of extra Snoopy golf brochures?) Obviously, I’ll be focused on Schulzy stuff… but if for some reason there’s anything else I’ve written or published that you’d like for me to bring, let me know.

Signatures are free, of course. I always recommend that if folks want The Peanuts Collection signed, it’s easier to bring one of the removable items from it… but no one ever listens to me, so maybe I’ll stop suggesting that.


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