The Zipper on My Bible is Stuck at Beaglefest

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Both of the books I’m debuting at Beaglefest were, as I noted, samples which I designed when trying to pitch gift books to publishers targeting the Christian specialty market.  God’s Children, which I discussed in an earlier message, was to be calm and black-and-white. But I wanted a sample in color, and I wanted it to look loud. And thus we come to The Zipper on My Bible is Stuck, a full-color collection of Schulz cartoons on teens and the Bible.

When it came to color, I could’ve gone for something muted, something subtle, something straightforward.

Instead, I went for eyecatching… and perhaps just plain gaudy:

Click to enlarge


If I’m paying for full color, I do want to use ALL the colors!

I’ll be bringing 10 copies of this 64-page 5.5″x8.5″ full color paperback to Beaglefest, selling them for $9.99 in the sales room on Saturday. I expect to be able to offer more copies for sale through Amazon not long after Beaglefest.

Upcoming releases
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Upcoming releases
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Upcoming releases
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