Super Bowl Snoopy

There will be at least one Peanuts ad during the Super Bowl, and those who’ve already seen it are saying nice things about it. (Me, I’m actually avoiding it until airtime; there’s a big party here at AAUGH Central, and it’s a non-football crowd, so our biggest pleasure is in sharing opinions on the ads.)

But, of course, Peanuts and the Super Bowl bring to mind You’re in the Super Bowl, Charlie Brown, a special which has not seen air in a long time and has not been released on DVD (I presume both are due to problems with licensing the Super Bowl name and trappings from the NFL). However, VHS copies are easy to come by, as this special got wide distribution through an unusual means – copies were sold at Shell gas stations nationwide.

Animated Peanuts
The AAUGH Blogger presents the Peanuts film strips

Ever since I’ve been talking about the film strips in the Charlie Brown Career Education Program, people have been asking me to make them available to see. Alas, I cannot upload these, they are copyrighted material… but I have recently gotten into gear and cleared any permissions concerns I had …

Animated Peanuts
I’m confused by A Charlie Brown Christmas

I stopped by a local Hallmark store knowing that it was about time for Christmas books to surface, and there I saw it, a new book edition of A Charlie Brown Christmas… or at least that’s what I thought. I did not recognize this colorful edition. Then I opened it and …

Animated Peanuts
Review: 2019 It’s the Great Pumpkin adaptation

Hallmark has unleashed another book adaptation of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, and my copy has been sitting here literally for weeks, waiting for me to review it. The problem is that, as the latest of umpteen attempts to adapt this special into book form, there is only so …