Dear Peanuts licensees

Dear Peanuts licensees,

Please know your license.

Today, UniqloUSA (the American branch of a Japanese t-shirt manufacturer) advertised their new batch of Peanuts tees (some of which are nice) by tweeting “The Red Baron will be landing at Uniqlo just in time for Valentine’s Day…and he’s bringing his gang”

The Red Baron’s gang? You mean that your t-shirt shop is going to be invaded by the Deutsche Luftstreitkräfte? That shoppers there are likely to be beset by Rumplers, Fokkers, and zeppelins bearing the Iron Cross? That they risk taking fatal wounds from the 7.92 millimeter spray of the Spandau MG08 machine guns?

I mean, it couldn’t be that you thought Snoopy was the Red Baron, rather than his fierce enemy, right?


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