What is the best of the AAUGH Blog

I’m thinking about adding a little set of links here for newcomers to the blog, listing blog entries that might be particularly interesting, separating out the more entertaining stuff from the more by-the-way “this book has been pushed back on the schedule” type of entries that pop up more often. And while I have some of my own ideas of what ones may be interesting, I’m not exactly an objective observer.

So, if you have any suggestions as to AAUGH Blog entries that you consider fascinating, funny, educational, or otherwise memorable, drop me a line at questions@aaugh.com and let me know which ones!

Missing podcast links

For those who heard last week’s podcast and wondered “hey, where are the links that he promised to those other podcasts?”, something apparently went wrong with my saving those links. They have now been added to┬áthe Blog entry for that episode.

Help me find this Snoopy golf tournament program

Hey, if anyone knows anyone who has the program for the 1989 AT&T National Pro-Am Golf Tournament pictured here, please get them in touch with me. I could use their help on a legit project. (I don’t need any other volumes, just this one.)

About that Snoople graphic

I’ve gotten a couple of queries about the graphic that accompanied the other’s day blog entry about Apple’s upcoming Peanuts TV projects. To stave off any further questions, no, this is not an official graphic. It’s just something that I goofed together to suggest the intersection between those two things. …