Stuffed Snoopy saves the day

There’s a category of Peanuts media that’s about the impact of Peanuts toys helping people get through hard times – this includes such things as the video The Big Stuffed Dog and the military tale The Little Toy Dog. To those, you can add the new Kindle e-book Blue Bunny & Snoopy – How their Love Got Me through my Daughter’s Gap Year!

Classic finds
Charlie Brown is adamant

Charlie Brown is particular adamant in French. From the cover of Te fais pas de bile, Charlie Brown, Canada, 1973.

Classic finds
Charles Schulz on Peanuts books

Writer Luke Epplin pointed to some material I had not seen before, some of which is right up the alley here at Peanuts book central. It’s correspondence from 1954 between Schulz and the great Walt Kelly. Schulz had this to say about collections of his own work: My book is …

New releases
Review: For the Love of Peanuts

I’m reviewing For the Love of Peanuts: Contemporary Artists Reimagine the Iconic Characters of Charles M. Schulz, the new collection of heavily-branded art by the Peanuts Global Artist Collective, at an odd time. You see, earlier this week a work by another heavily-branded artist, Kaws, sold for $14 million… despite the …