More Hallmark editions

I stopped by the local Hallmark store today to check on a couple things, and noticed that they had a Hallmark edition of Snoopy Loves to Doodle, that it was a separate edition was quite immediately apparent, because unlike the blue cover of the standard edition which you see here, theirs had a red cover.

Looking around further I saw another Hallmark edition there which I don’t recall having noticed before – a hardcover of Everything I Need to Know, I Learned from Peanuts with a bound-in ribbon bookmark. (I am too cheap to get all of those variant editions, although I’m sure I shall regret that some day.)

New releases
Review: Charlie Brown – All Tied Up

Andrews McMeel has released their thirteenth and latest book in the Peanuts for Kids/AMP! Comics for Kids series (although now neither of those brands appear on the book.) Charlie Brown: All Tied Up is a collection of early-1980s Peanuts strips. It has all of the features that make this series a …

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Psychiatric booth of the Mad

Mad Magazine has long made use of Peanuts parodies, and is not stopping now. Joaquin Phoenix delivers an Oscar-worthy performance in MAD #10’s Joker Funnies. On sale 10/8! — MAD Magazine (@MADmagazine) October 3, 2019

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Schulz and fellow cartoonists take on Ugly Americanism

The latest book from my publishing imprint is a reworked reprint of a long-lost piece of the Cold War, filled with some of the greatest cartoonists of the 1950s. President Eisenhower had launched his pet project, The People-to-People Program, to better connect Americans with the rest of the world. It …