An error in The Peanuts Collection

Since I’ve chronicled factual errors in other people’s books about Peanuts, it would be unfair of me not to note when the same has popped up in my own book – in this case, in a caption which I didn’t write, but which I should have caught during the editing process.

Open your copy of The Peanuts Collection (don’t have a copy? They’re still available for more than half off their original price.) On the upper right of page 31, you’ll find a picture of a framed medal award to Schulz, with the words THE AMERICAN ECONOMIC SYSTEM AND YOUR PART IN IT. The caption describes is as having been award to Schulz for his contributions to “The American Economic System and [his] Part in It”, as though he was getting the medal in recognition of his habit of earning and spending American currency. What it’s really thanking Schulz for is his contributions to a booklet entitled “The American Economic System… and Your Part In It”, a government publication illustrated with Peanuts images which I discussed briefly here. I can understand how the caption writer misunderstood the context, but I should have caught the error. I apologize for this imperfection.

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