Schulz’s non-Peanuts days

I expect that 2010 will be represented by the usual number of Peanuts calendars… but in what I think will be a first, it will also be represented by a non-Peanuts Schulz calendar. It’s not up at Amazon yet, but here at the Barbour Books site, you can see that they’ve announced just such a thing.

Most of this day-at-a-time calendar is made up from Schulz’s Young Pillars and other cartoons he drew for the Church of God, as you saw in the book Schulz’s Youth. (And yes, in the interest of full disclosure, as the publisher of Schulz’s Youth, I’m involved in the deal for the calendar and am profiting from it.) The single panel cartoons should make for good calendar decor.

Upcoming releases
Snoopy Comma Home

Ah well. They fixed the cover for the upcoming release of Snoopy Come Home, and now it’s a reuse of the original Snoopy, Come Home cover. But, well, remember when I talked about the question of what is the name of the film Snoopy Come Home? Here’s the situation again. The picture tells …

Upcoming releases
Snoopy Come Home always causes a problem

When I saw that Titan Books was making Snoopy Come Home the next in their series of reprints of the Holt Rinehart and Winston Peanuts books, I was wondering which cover they would go with. Would they go with the original cover, or with the white cover version as with …

Upcoming releases
Good Grief, Savage Dragon!

Savage Dragon is a superhero work that is a singular vision – creator Erik Larsen has done 252 issues so far. (There was one issue with a guest creative team as part of an everyone-do-each-other’s-book event at the publisher… but Erik, uncomfortable with that, went back and did a different …