Peanuts stuff in Life

No, not the cereal.

No, not the board game.

No, not the reality.

The magazine! Then again, if you’re a big blog reader, you’re probably not surprised by that. You’re likely to have seen other blogs talking about the fact that Google has put the Life magazine photo database online. Lots of stuff to dig through. Here are a few pics for the Schulz fans out there:

Snoopy's doghouse with the image of Captain America's shield.
Latest Marvel Cinematic Universe Peanuts reference

For those of you keeping score (and you know who you are… at least I hope you do, because I sure don’t): In the 5th episode of Hawkeye, which was released today, the recording of the song “Christmastime is Here” from the start of A Charlie Brown Christmas¬†is heard. 40 …

The annual shopping guide

Time for this annual post. Sorry to those who are sick an tired of such things, but most of this are things that I feel need to be said for the “shopping season”… and those that aren’t are, well, self-serving attempts to continue to justify this blog. Gift-giving season is …

Beware fake Schulz

I’ve said it before, but with gift-gathering time impending, I shall say it again: beware fake Schulz art. There is a lot of counterfeit on the market. I would say that the majority of single-image Peanuts pieces being sold as Schulz on eBay are fake, generally tracings/recreations of Schulz-drawn images. …