Okay, you can get the minicomic

Peanuts minicomicI’ve now learned that there’s a sampler pack of Halloween minicomics, including the Peanuts Halloween comic, which you can lay your hands on. Call your local comic shop (you can find their address here) and ask if they are getting the Halloween 2008 Mini-Comics Variety Pack Sampler. They probably won’t be… but then ask if they can special order it for you. If they will, you can help them out by giving them Diamond Distributors order code number: JUL088048J.

The price will probably be about $4, and for that, you get 3 copies of the Peanuts minicomic, plus 3 each of Archie, Bone, Donald Duck, and Cowa. The packet is scheduled to hit stores October 1st.

I should have a copy in my hands sometime this week, and will do a write-up (although the basic information is that it has over 20 strips, including 5 color Sundays, all 1960s.)

Plate Expectations

It was on a trip to Las Vegas where I first ran into parking ticketing machines that actually read your license plate as you drove in, and printed the license number on your ticket. Now, as you may recall, my license plate has a picture of Snoopy and the word …

You know what would be a good title for a book?

Hmmm… maybe we should name the book something original, like… GOOD GRIEF!

Kaye Ballard, RIP

Kaye Ballard has died. She had places in the world of stage and screen, but it’s her recording career as a musical comedian that is of interest to the Peanuts fan. In 1962 she issued a recording of her doing Peanuts humor, based on her touring act at the time. …