Buy Willie, Get Joe For Free

You know that big, two-volume hardcover boxed set of Willie Willie and Joe boxed set& Joe you’ve been lusting after? The one with all those great World War II cartoons by Bill Mauldin, the very same cartoonist that Snoopy used to quaff root beers with each Veterans’ Day? And you look at the $65 cover price and muttered to yourself “someday, someday” in that same wistful tone you used while saying the same thing about that cute cheery blond in fourth grade?

Well, that someday is today. No, not for the blond; that day shall never come, I’m afraid. But you can get Willie & Joe for 60% off at the moment. That’s right, just 26 bucks, twenty-six genuine American smackers will get you the whole set. And if you’re in the US, you can even get free super-saver shipping on it without having to buy anything else.

(Also available sat 60% off is The Marvel Vault, a fancy gift book of nifty things behind Marvel Comics. But that doesn’t have any Peanuts link to mention, and I’ve already used up the bit about the blond.)

An unexpected Snoopy sighting

So I’m sitting here in pain from wiping out on my bicycle today, looking for some comfort viewing on TV. I start streaming¬†Cybill, the 1990s sitcom created by Chuck Lorre as a vehicle for Cybill Shepherd. In episode 2, Cybill-the-character is sitting with her ex-husband talking about their impending grandparenthood, …

Peanuts sightings in Japan

I’m still recovering from the cold that I picked up in Japan (which luckily didn’t strike fully until I was¬† back), but here are a few stray things that I saw while there. A vending machine of Snoopy charms. (There were also similar “Gacha capsule” machines with three Snoopy figures.) …

Free Comic Book Day tomorrow

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow (Saturday, May 4, 2019) is Free Comic Book Day. At most comic shops in the US and Canada (and many elsewhere), you can walk in and get free comic books, no purchase needed. Some shops will give you just one or two, others will …