Amazon policy change

Word is getting out about an Amazon policy change that’s about to hit, and I wanted to be clear about what this change is… and more vitally, what it isn’t.

  • Amazon is eliminating their 30-day price guarantee. Up until now, if you ordered something, Amazon shipped it, and a couple weeks later you discovered that Amazon had dropped the price by a couple bucks, you could get a refund of the difference. Not many folks were aware of this, and you actually had to apply for it. Anyway, this policy ends starting with items ordered tomorrow (so if you had some big purchase planned – say, an $850 42-inch Panasonic plasma screen TV – make it today and get your 30 days!)
  • Amazon is not eliminating their pre-order price guarantee. Under this, if you preorder an item that hasn’t been released yet, and the price drops some time before it’s actually released, you get the lower price. This is vital to us here at, because I encourage folks to preorder books, so that they order it while it’s still in mind and get it as soon as possible. Amazon doesn’t always include the discount when upcoming projects are first listed, but with this policy, that doesn’t mean you have to hold off ordering.

So you can continue preordering things (say, next month’s Complete Peanuts boxed set) with comfort!

Plate Expectations

It was on a trip to Las Vegas where I first ran into parking ticketing machines that actually read your license plate as you drove in, and printed the license number on your ticket. Now, as you may recall, my license plate has a picture of Snoopy and the word …

You know what would be a good title for a book?

Hmmm… maybe we should name the book something original, like… GOOD GRIEF!

Kaye Ballard, RIP

Kaye Ballard has died. She had places in the world of stage and screen, but it’s her recording career as a musical comedian that is of interest to the Peanuts fan. In 1962 she issued a recording of her doing Peanuts humor, based on her touring act at the time. …