Complete Peanuts, about half off, free shipping

Okay, usually I’m linking folks to Amazon, but the Barnes & Noble folks have a particularly good deal, and I wouldn’t want to not tell you. They’ve got this coupon, code N6R7C4J , that will take 25% off the purchase of any one item. And if you apply it to a Complete Peanuts 1963-1964 box set, which is 30% off, you end up with… not 55% off, because this is actually 25% of the 70% off, but a price of $26.22 which is less than the $28.95 cover price of each book in the set. And yet, it is still over $25, which means you qualify for “Fast & Free” 3 day shipping in the US.

Of course, the coupon isn’t good for just that. You can apply it for 25% off most things, but you can only use it on one item. Just click through on the link above and go shopping.

And while you’re ordering, you can get one of those Charlie Brown Christmas book-and-snow-cube thingies, if ya want!

another free Peanuts e-book

You can get a free PDF e-book copy of the full-color strip collection¬†Snoopy: Party Animal just for signing up for the AMP Kids (that’s the publisher) newsletter, courtesy of the publisher and the Schulz Museum! Go here.

Classic finds
A free Peanuts book to go grab

The fine folks at the currently closed Charles M. Schulz Museum have up a nice page with a few resources for those of you with kids – some at-home learning tools, a couple of activities. And in the midst of this they have¬†Snoopy’s Daily Dozen, which was a collection of …

The last day of free e-books

So for the third and final day of Free Comic Birth Day, I’ve got a book for you to download with a little actual Schulz… and a little fake Schulz to boot.   Back in 1958, a bunch of top newspaper cartoonists got together to create You Don’t See These …