More on the Schulz family view

If you want to see the richest source of information on the Schulz and Peanuts conflict from the “Sparky wasn’t like that” side (which, to be honest, is just about the only directly-informed side I’ve seen out there; the only I-knew-Schulz-and-he-was-cold comment I’ve seen is from someone who had been a kid dealing with him at the ice rink) check out this conversation, which includes posts by three of Sparky’s kids, plus Barbara Gallagher (who worked with Sparky in the later years) and Dale Hale, who worked with Sparky in the late 1950s, including doing the Peanuts comic book stories.

Folks have always gotten Peanuts wrong

Occasionally, I flinch hard at some error I see in writing about Peanuts. It’s always tempting to think “people have gotten real sloppy about such things.” Well, I was just doing some research about Happiness is a Warm Puppy, and I ran into this piece of writing from an issue …

Out of the evacuation zone

Breath easy (although if you’re around here, not too deeply.) The evacuation zone has been pulled back, the Schulz Museum is now outside of it. As for the AAUGH offices… well, we’re much closer to fires than we were this time yesterday. The Reagan Library is about 10 miles away. …

Fire update

People have been asking me to keep them updated on the fire in Santa Rosa. I can’t promise to keep this up constantly, but here’s the map at the moment. The fires have definitely been heading toward the museum and surrounding buildings, and are at this point about 4 miles …