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After a while of seeing edition after edition, sometimes it swims in front of my eyes. For example, I just reviewed Peanuts Holidays Through the Year, and it didn’t even strike me until a day later that it was just a Hallmark reprinting of Peanuts Holiday Treasury… still in print, and a cheaper book to boot, although not with as nice a cover in my opinion.

If you ever wonder why I made the book list, it’s because I can’t remember everything!

New releases
Review: Charlie and Friends

There is nothing wrong with a cheaply produced paperback of public domain material. It can provice a service. For some material it’s the only way that product will be available. In the case of Charlie and Friends in Tip Top Comics – The Full Series Reader Collection, however, it’s the equivalent …

New releases
Review: Peanuts Origami

The book Peanuts Origami is designed for people who are not me, specifically people who are willing to rip pages out of a Peanuts book so that they can fold them into things. Maybe if I had three copies, I would do that for one. I shall not find out. But …

Animated Peanuts
Hey, A Charlie Brown Christmas just popped up!

I just received the new pop-up book adaptation of A Charlie Brown Christmas, and we have a real winner here. No, this isn’t a reprint of the old Running Press pop-up version. And it certainly isn’t last year’s Hallmark version with just one single pop-up at the end. No, this …