Last year’s holidays still available

Here’s a book that actually came out last year, but escaped my notice until now, because it’s not available through the usual sources. Peanuts Holidays Through the Year is a hardcover collection of five of the Little Simon book adaptations of Peanuts holiday TV specials (the Great Pumpkin, A CB Thanksgiving, A CB Christmas, It’s the Easter Beagle, and Be My Valentine, CB.)

Peanuts Holidays book cover

While the adaptations are inherently weak (no condemnation toward those working on them, but there’s an inherent problem with trying to capture the animation on a still page), this set is packaged nicely. The cover is a nice design, and the end papers are decorated with Peanuts strips from 1997. They’ve also thrown in a new Lee Mendelson introduction, although nothing it says will surprise anyone who has seen Lee talk about the animated specials elsewhere.

The book sells for $12. You can ask for it at your local Hallmark store (I truly had to ask, they didn’t have it out on the shelf but rather hidden away in a storage bin) or you can order it online here.

Quick aside: for those who have enjoyed my Licensable BearTM videos in the past, there’s a new one up now.

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