Schulz’s Youth in stores Wednesday

The copies of Schulz’s Youth have finally left the warehouse and are currently zooming their way to comic shops, where they should land on shelves on Wednesday the 20th. Sorry for the delay, but there was a stupid little printer error which left one number wrong on the bar code, and its taken this long to get the books stickered. The paperbacks should be hitting Amazon and mainstream booksellers in not too much longer, but if you want the hardcover, you pretty much have to get it either from the Schulz Museum bookstore or from a comics specialty retailer.

Despite the bar code problem (and that I should have chosen a heavier paperstock to print it on), I’m proud of this book. It’s got hundreds of cartoons, many of which are just plain good cartoons and all of which deserve the attention of the Schulz fan. It’s interesting in form (Schulz doing single-panel material), theme (misdirected religious exuberance is the most common theme here, but there’s plenty of non-religiously-themed material as well), and content (lots of gangly Schulz teenagers!). But of course I’m the publisher of this book, and thus can’t be considered an objective source.

Which brings us to another point: I’ve already had inquiries about getting copies of the book autographed by me. Which, frankly, I find a little odd — people really want a book signed by the publisher? (True, I did write commentary scattered through the book and an afterword at the end, but still…) But I’m always glad to help the customers, so I’ll make up some custom bookplates (that’s a sticker one sticks in the book, generally in the inside front cover). If you’re getting the hardcover and want a bookplate you can use to turn your book into a signed copy, email me (at your physical address as well as the number of copies of the hardcover you need bookplates for. And I’m afraid that for reasons of costs, I’ll have to limit this offer to the US and Canada.

Schulz's Youth cover

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