Ridiculously cheap Complete Peanuts

Remember a couple weeks back when I pointed out that The Complete Peanuts volume 6 was 70% off? Well, that was a great price. But now for some reason it’s 80% off. That’s under $6 a copy. Not sure how long this will last (the other book that was 70% off is now back to the usual sane discount), so if you want to stock up on gifties, now’s the time to do it!

another free Peanuts e-book

You can get a free PDF e-book copy of the full-color strip collection¬†Snoopy: Party Animal just for signing up for the AMP Kids (that’s the publisher) newsletter, courtesy of the publisher and the Schulz Museum! Go here.

Classic finds
A free Peanuts book to go grab

The fine folks at the currently closed Charles M. Schulz Museum have up a nice page with a few resources for those of you with kids – some at-home learning tools, a couple of activities. And in the midst of this they have¬†Snoopy’s Daily Dozen, which was a collection of …

The last day of free e-books

So for the third and final day of Free Comic Birth Day, I’ve got a book for you to download with a little actual Schulz… and a little fake Schulz to boot.   Back in 1958, a bunch of top newspaper cartoonists got together to create You Don’t See These …