Monsieur Schulz

After wanting a copy for a while, I’ve just added MonsieurMonsieur Schulz cover Schulz et ses Peanuts, a commentary book about Peanuts by Marion Vidal. What makes this discussion of the strip interesting is that rather than being illustrated with examples of the strip itself, it’s filled with parodies and tribute drawings by a couple dozen cartoonists.

Alas, many of these strips play with the concept of throwing sex and violence into the strip. I dunno, perhaps these still seemed like fresh things to do in 1976, when this book came out. Not funny, perhaps, but possibly fresh (although not totally original even then.) Now, it just seems tired. That’s not to say that none of the art is of value — there’s a rather nice piece by French comics artist Moebius (athough I had seen that one before when it was reprinted in a San Diego Comic Con program a few years back.)

As for the text – it’s French. Not a language I read.


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