Sasseville-autographed Schulz book

Not long after the book collection of Schulz’s It’s Only a Game came out, Jim Sasseville (Schulz’s collaborator for most of the run of that feature) was scheduled to appear at the Schulz Museum to do a signing. Unfortunately, the failing health which ultimately took his life prevented him from making that signing (despite hope up until the last moment that he would). We’d anticipated that possibility, and had Sasseville sign some custom bookplates which we put into the books of people who showed up for the event. Jim only managed to sign roughly 50 of them, but luckily that covered the people who showed up at the event, plus a few for the museum, and a few for About Comics (that’s me!) to use for our own uses. We’ve used a few to reward individuals at special times, whether it was retailers who ordered extra copies or someone who did something above’n’beyond for

I know of some comics creators who were ill-used by another publisher, and some people put together an auction to raise money to offset some of their expenses that arose in this matter. I chipped in a copy of the book with the bookplate.

So if you want an autographed copy of this book, here is one of your rare chances to get it. Bidding starts at $20, and since the book itself has a $14.95 cover price, that’s not a bad price.

A problematic eyepatch

If you were reading through the 1965-1966 volume of┬áThe Complete Peanuts, this closing panel to the December 6, 1965, you may have paused a bit when you hit the final panel. Now the first reason for a pause, particularly for younger readers, would be the phrase “an ad for men’s …

Separated at birth

Always wore the same shirt. Founded Apple. Always wore the same shirt. Found an apple. Photo by Matthew Yohe at en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0

Judaism in Peanuts

I was thinking today about the December 23, 1970 strip, the one that starts thusly: This is, to the best of my recollection and research, the only mention of post-Biblical Judaism in the entire run of the strip. It slides into Linus and Santa discussion the Maccabees and the temple, …