Here in the US (well, here to me; not all of you blog readers are “here”
!), we have The Peanuts Guide to Life, a 128 page book of philosophy pulled from the strips (which I reviewed.) It turns out that in England, they have twice the book, each only half as philosophical. Yes, they’re cutting it into to two books, Peanuts Guide to Life: Book 1 and Peanuts Guide to Life: Book 2.

Meanwhile, I’m a little happy collector guy. I finally completed my set of the Latin edition of the Peanuts Philosophers set, a series of small hardcover strip reprints from Hallmark put out in 1968. Of course, I completed it in one of the most frustrating ways – collected 3 of the 4 volumes, looked for the last (Carolini Brown Sapientia) for years, and then found it as part of a complete set for sale on eBay. But at least the set cost less than I would’ve been willing to pay for that fourth book alone; in fact, I got the set plus two English language Philosophers to boot. And all four combined are about as long as the US edition of Peanuts Guide to Life.

More info on the translated Peanuts Philosophers can be found on the AAUGH.com guide’s U.S. translations page.

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Snoopy on Mars graphic novel coming

Usually I prefer to write my own write-ups off of press releases, but life is full, my hand is in pain, and I want to get this out. Soooo….. Lift Off with SNOOPY: A BEAGLE OF MARS LOS ANGELES, CA (July 15, 2019) – BOOM! Studios today announced SNOOPY: A BEAGLE OF MARS, …

Upcoming releases
It’s just the moon, but hey, that counts as space!

The March, 2020 addition to the Peanuts Kids line of strip reprint books (formerly know as AMP! Kids) has been announced, and its title will be Snoopy:First Beagle in Space.

Upcoming releases
Snoopy in foreign space

There has been a Happy Meal campaign in various countries (but not yet in the US; I have no idea if it’s coming) branded as Snoopy: Space Explorer in some places, Discover Space with Snoopy in others (as if space had not been discovered long ago.) This is mostly a …