Getting the Schulz’s Youth hardcover

For the upcoming Schulz’s Schulz's Youth coverYouth book collecting Schulz’s teenager cartoons, we’re putting out both a hardcover and a paperback edition simultaneously. However, we’re not distributing the hardcover through the bookstore distribution system. It will be available through a few places that my publishing company deals directly with, but mostly it will be available through comic book stores.

Now, not all comic book stores are going to get the hardcover. Heck, most comic book stores won’t order any copies of the book, and those which do will probably mainly order the lower-priced paperback. So if you want the hardcover, it’s best to let your local comic shop know now. This week, the shops are getting the ordering catalogs for the books coming out in May, and most comic shops will take preorders from that catalog for their regular customers. Even at shops that don’t take preorders, letting your shop know that you want a hardcover makes it more likely that they will order hardcovers.

The information that you will need to give the retailer is that the hardcover is item MAR07 3059 and that it’s on page 214 of the Previews catalog.

Just so we’re clear — the hardcover isn’t some ultradeluxed expanded edition or leatherbound of anything fancy like that. It’s just the same book with a hard cover… but that’s kinda nice to have.

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