Review: Woodstock: Small is Beautiful

I just got a a shipment of a couple books from the Schulz Museum bookstore, who has things which are available nowhere else. First up is Woodstock: Small is Beautiful, a 32 page spiral-bound horizontally-oriented full color cardstock book. This was designed to sell during the Summer of Woodstock celebration in Santa Rosa, when the city was festooned with customized Woodstock statues. The book focused on the history of Woodstock, with 27 strips, plenty of photos of Woodstock memorabilia, pictures of the design drawings for some of the statues, a couple pages about the Woodstock music festival which inspired the character’s name, and so forth.

This isn’t a must read, particularly for the hardcore Peanuts fan who will already know the relevant history. However, if you’re a Woodstock buff, this is a nice thing to have. The book shows a lot of design effort (although the contrast could be better at times.) Keen cover image with a drawing of woodtock heading into a photographed nest.

This book can be bought at the museum, or ordered from their store – look for it in the books section, exhibit catalog subsection.  Unfortunately, the store still hasn’t implemented any kind of proper web ordering mechanism, but look through the store and you might find enough books to make the effort worthwhile.

Soon, I should be reviewing Sugar and Spice: Little Girls in the Funnies, a catalog for a recent exhibit at the museum. But now, to sleep!

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