Gift-giving countdown

Well, the holidays are barreling down upon us like Santa’s sleigh, if it was pulled by Wile E. Coyote and he made the mistake of looking down. Hannukah starts on December 15th this year, and Christmas is slated for December 25th this year. At this point, there’s still time to shop for your gifts at and have them shipped to US addresses using Amazon’s free shipping on orders over $25 (too late to hit the start of Hannukah, but there’s still time to hit the end of it.) And even after that, there’s time to order with somewhat more expensieve shipping options.

For those of you who have never shopped for gifts online, it’s a great way to shop, particularly for gifts for people far away. You get the savings, depending on where it’s shipping you might not have to pay sales tax, and you save yourself having to pack things up and then head off to the long holiday lines at the post office. Amazon can even gift wrap thing for you.
And when it’s too late to get something shipped out (or if you’re buying a gift for someone who may not have everything but you can’t think of what they don’t have), then an Amazon gift certificate is always a good gift, and it can be delivered instantly via email.

So head on over to and figure out who you want to buy a Peanuts Holiday DVD box set for, who gets The Complete Peanuts, and who gets It’s Only a Game. And if you’re shopping for my family, I don’t need anything… but my two year old daughter keeps saying she’d  like a 42″ plasma HDTV set!

Millionaire, recluse, cartoonist

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