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For those of you in the Santa Rosa, California area, or obsessive Peanuts animation fans from other areas: the new Peanuts special Bully (the last one Schulz worked on, about playing marbles) will have its world premiere at the Schulz Museum on Saturday, October 21. During the day, they’ll be showing It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown to celebrate the 40th anniversary of that special. At 3 PM, producer Lee Mendelson will talk about the making of that special and others. And then at 4 PM, they’ll have a showing of the new special!

And hey, as long as we’re talking about animation, forgive me taking a moment to point you toward my latest work, a little promo piece using my comic book character Licensable BearTM. It’s just 40 seconds, so check it out:

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Space Snoopy

Folks are bopping around article links to a statement that “Snoopy”, the module from Apollo X that was discarded into space, may have been located by investigators who were looking for it (which makes them, I suppose, both searchers and researchers, much like some folks are simultaneously tired and retired.) …

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It happens to me, too

You know that dream where Michelle Obama is showing you the Peanuts parody that she wrote with her husband, Bill Clinton, about the kids carrying chairs? And it is supposed to have already been released as a cloth book through her self-publishing imprint, M3lani Press, but right after you put …

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Gimme gimme gimme

So I know you’ve been thinking “I forgot to get the AAUGH Blogger anything for his birthday. What can I do to make up for it?” You can get me this:It is one of four Peanuts originals currently up for auction at Sotheby’s (thanks to not-that-Jean for the tip), and …