Reviewlet: Peanuts birthday book

Sometimes, it seems a waste to write a whole new review. So as my review for the pretty gift book Good Grief, It’s Your Birthday, just reread my earlier review of Don’t Give Up, Charlie Brown. It’s largely the same thing – Peanuts art and thematic quotes, although this time the theme is birthdays. The biggest difference is that they actually include some Peanuts strips with the word balloons intact this time, although the topic of the strip is sometimes only tangentially related to birthdays. It even has some of the same flaws of citing someone quoting an earlier quote as the source of the quote… and thus actor Christian Slater is credited with a saying more rightly attributed to Mullah Nasrudin in the 13th century. (Yeah, I always get those two confused, too.)

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The Moist Menace

While I’ve covered various Happiness is a Warm Puppy parodies in the past, and while I have a number of programs from Reuben Award ceremonies held by the National Cartoonist Society, I haven’t seen the 1963 program, which is where Carol Tilley (U of Illinois professor who focuses on comics …

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Review: Good Grief, Charlie Brown

So life has been full, and even after I got around to ordering Good Grief, Charlie Brown: Celebrating Snoopy and the Enduring Power of Peanuts, and even after it arrived slowly from England, I let it sit around for over a month before finally getting around to giving it a good …

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The Charlie Brown Christmas that slipped by me

So there I was, burning off some time in the mall waiting for my daughter’s movie to let out, so hey, I head into the Hallmark, figure I’ll look at some of the Peanuts stuff that I’m not going to buy (one thing about focusing on books is that it …