Reviewlet: Peanuts birthday book

Sometimes, it seems a waste to write a whole new review. So as my review for the pretty gift book Good Grief, It’s Your Birthday, just reread my earlier review of Don’t Give Up, Charlie Brown. It’s largely the same thing – Peanuts art and thematic quotes, although this time the theme is birthdays. The biggest difference is that they actually include some Peanuts strips with the word balloons intact this time, although the topic of the strip is sometimes only tangentially related to birthdays. It even has some of the same flaws of citing someone quoting an earlier quote as the source of the quote… and thus actor Christian Slater is credited with a saying more rightly attributed to Mullah Nasrudin in the 13th century. (Yeah, I always get those two confused, too.)

Classic finds
The Mystery of the Daily Dozen

I’ve written before, albeit not recently, about Snoopy’s Daily Dozen, a 1960s wall chart that had the Peanuts kids demonstrating various exercises. It’s an interesting piece, but we didn’t include it in the things we submitted for┬áThe Complete Peanuts volume 26, because we were not 100% sure that it’s genuine …

New releases
Space Snoopy

Folks are bopping around article links to a statement that “Snoopy”, the module from Apollo X that was discarded into space, may have been located by investigators who were looking for it (which makes them, I suppose, both searchers and researchers, much like some folks are simultaneously tired and retired.) …

Classic finds
The AAUGH Blogger gets a pile of books

On one day last week, I received two shipments of used Peanuts books, eBay lots, with seven books total between them. Four of these were duplicates of books that I already have, but that’s the way things go when you buy an eBay lot. But getting these books as a …