The Completely Different Language Peanuts

I told you previously about the Chinese edition of The Complete Peanuts coming out of Taiwan. Now I find that there is a French edition and an upcoming German edition, so if you want to read every Peanuts strip but don’t want the headaches that come with reading English, then these are the books for you!

(Oh, and for those of you who were worried: “die” is simply the German word for “the”. It’s not as though the title is “Die, Peanuts, Die!”)

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An Amazing Future?

Joe Wos, cartoonist, maze craftsman, and creator of the syndicated feature “MazeToons” (and frequent guest of the Schulz Museum), sent out this image while talking about some unspecified maze collection that will be coming December 2021: Is that a mountain range? The coiled cord of an old telephone handset? A …

Upcoming releases
Snoopy Comma Home

Ah well. They fixed the cover for the upcoming release of Snoopy Come Home, and now it’s a reuse of the original Snoopy, Come Home cover. But, well, remember when I talked about the question of what is the name of the film Snoopy Come Home? Here’s the situation again. The picture tells …

Upcoming releases
Snoopy Come Home always causes a problem

When I saw that Titan Books was making Snoopy Come Home the next in their series of reprints of the Holt Rinehart and Winston Peanuts books, I was wondering which cover they would go with. Would they go with the original cover, or with the white cover version as with …