Complete Peanuts 5 now shipping

Forgive me for falling behind folks – I’ve had my advance copy of TheComplete Peanuts 5 cover Complete Peanuts volume 5: 1959-1960 for a while now, but life has not allowed me the time to read and review it. Not that it should need much review; this is Peanuts really heading into what many folks feel is its definitive and best period. Sally gets born, Linus does amazing things, Snoopy (still walking on all fours for the most part) boxes with a glove on his nose. I am partway through reading the introduction, and it isn’t really an “introduction by Whoopi Goldberg” as the cover trumpets. Rather, it’s an interview with Whoopi, on the subject of Schulz and Peanuts. She’s clearly a big fan, but there is something a little odd about reading someone being interviewed about having interviewed someone else (Goldberg interviewed Schulz for a talk show she had for a while. I find if you say “Whoopi talked to Sparky” out loud, it’s hard to sound like an adult.)

Do you really need a review to know you want this book? Order it now!

For those of you who have been buying the boxed sets, yes, there will be a boxed set of volumes 5 and 6.

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Upcoming releases
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