Snoopy projects leaflet

One of the cool things about being the guy is that sometimes people find something and send it to you. For example, AAUGH Blog reader Scott in Michigan came across 3 Snoopy Projects, a full color trifold leaflet being distributed by Joann fabric shops last holiday season. This leaflet, with a Charlie Brown Christmas 40th anniversary logo and a picture of Snoopy’s heavily-decorated doghouse. Inside are instructions for making a dog bed, a christmas stocking, and a throw quilt. What makes these “Snoopy” projects and why were they giving this leaflet away? It’s like any product-oriented recipe book – it’s there to push a specific brand of product, in this case, certain Peanuts printed fabrics manufactured by Spring Industries. Use other fabric, and you just have a dog bed, a stocking, and a throw quilt, not a Snoopy dog bed, a Snoopy stocking, a Snoopy throw quilt.

I’m not likely to ever make any of these projects; they all require some sewing or quilting experience, and what sewing experience I’ve had has largely been disasterous. Then again, the Christmas-themed Peanuts fabric probably is no longer in stock with Easter approaching. Still, it’s nice to have this piece which I would not likely have stumbled across. Thanks again, Scott!

And hey, speaking of the impending holiday: It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown airs Tuesday night in the US. Check your local listings for time and station. Oh, and probably a little description of the show. Listings are like that.

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