Nat appears in Delaware

Hey, AAUGH Blog fans – this Friday I’ll be at Captain Blue Hen Comics in Newark, Delaware, from 4 to 7 PM. I’ll be there to sign copies of Licensable Bearâ„¢ and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Creating a Graphic Novel (among other things), and the last hour will be a question-and-answer session on making comics. But if you want to stop by, say “hi!”, and chat a little about Peanuts books, please do!

Nat news
Nat’s new sitcom podcast!

If you liked the humor of The AAUGH Blog Podcast, then I hope that you’ll give Invisible Zeppelin a try! This is a series about the fine folks who work the phones for a major team of powerful heroes, answering calls for help, threats from villains, and requests from the heroes themselves. …

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Entdecke den Snoopy in dir

I just preordered myself a copy of Entdecke den Snoopy in dir, a book that excites me more than most of my fine AAUGH Blog fans… because it’s the German-language edition of Be More Snoopy, my upcoming, upbeat, and hopefully uproarious self-help gift book! This edition, like the English-language one, is …

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AAUGH Blogger podcast guest appearance

Just out today is a new episode of William Pepper’s It’s a Podcast, Charlie Brown guest-starring me! Yes, I’m that secret ingredient that makes everything better, like the oregano on your pizza or the Peeps in your chili. William and I chat about the Peanuts educational filmstrips of forty years …